Community Art Projects

Each year Evanston Made works on a Community Art Project, bringing together creatives of all ages to work on making together!

2017: Witness Quilt

We partnered with Melissa Blount on the Witness Quilt, bringing together hundreds of community members to create a memorial to black women who lost their lives to gun violence in Chicago. Key partners like the Frances Willard House, Evanston Art Center, Evanston Arts Council and the Block Museum at Northwestern, connected this project to the community through funding, space donations, curatorial assistance and more. To learn more about this impactful and important community art project, watch this video produced by the Block Museum

2018: Heart Art

Evanston Made’s annual arts celebration takes place in June, and one of the goals is to turn the city into an art gallery. With community partners, we showcase works by more than 100 visual artists in galleries, businesses, art studios, etc. Each year we produce a community art project (Black Lives Matter Witness Quilt with Melissa Blount, 2017), allowing for creatives of all ages to create a group project. This year we invite Young Evanston Creatives to create Heart Art to be exhibited in public and private spaces throughout Evanston.

The Heart Art Community Art Project is Designed to show Evanston’s LOVE of the for making and showing art. This grassroots arts exhibition is curated by the community for the community, with art created by Young Evanston Creatives.

How it works:

  • Art making stations at community events (YEA Day, Evanston Made Kids) provide artists with blank Heart Art Signs and paint. (Signs are donated campaign yard signs, Paint and paint brushes are donated by community members)

  • Artist is assigned a number for their sign

  • Photo of artist and finished sign are taken by volunteer

  • Photo of Heart Art is uploaded to a slideshow

  • Business community is invited to show Heart Art in store windows

  • Community members are invited to showcase Heart Art in front yards

  • Artist Studio participants will have a sign in their yard!

Sign Prep

  • Organize signs and sign stakes, make count of each, record totals
  • Clean off signs, wipe down
  • Paint sign w white primer, Stencil a heart on one side, stencil a number on the back

Donations Needed

  • Tempera paint donations; red, yellow, blue
  • Paint brushes
  • 150 paper plates


  • Sign Prep Work Parties at 1100 Florence: 4/17 6-8 p.m., 4/19 6-8 p.m., 4/21 11a-1p
  • YEA Day Painting Party at Raymond Park, May 19, 10a-3p
  • Install Heart Art at Evanston Businesses, June 1, 7a-12p
  • Install Heart Art at Artist Studios, June 1, 7a-12p
  • Install Hearts at public intersections, June 16, 7a-12p
  • Evanston Made Kids Painting Party at Evanston Art Center, June 10, 11a-4p


Email evanstonmade[at] for more information