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Residency/Exhibit w Artist Ben Blount

Ben Blount 1100.jpg

Oct. 1-23, 2018: Residency will be a space to explore the idea of community in the city of Evanston. Using the power of print, artist in residence Ben Blount, will create an environment to elevate the voices of the people to create a visual, and tangible conversation. Interactive events include; letterpress making station, postcard station to include writing messages to your neighbors, photo with neighbors (photo booth), tote bag making station.


Oct 6 Saturday, 5-8p

Opening Reception Oct. 7, Sunday, 5-8p

Community Potluck, Free w RSVP, limited seating, Click here to RSVP. Oct 10 Wednesday, 7-9p: Mom wine & bind, Tickets TBD Oct 13, Dinner Saturday, 6-10p: Creative Courses Dinner & workshop. We’ll have a meal together then print/book binding. Tickets TBD Oct 14, Sunday, 3-5p: Artist Talk Oct 19, Friday night, 7-10p: Teen book making, tickets TBD