Our team works to place artists in venues throughout Evanston, creating an all-city art gallery! We encourage the artisans and business owners to work together to showcase Evanston creatives by activating walls, empty storefronts and windows. To learn more about participating, reach out to us at evanstonmade@gmail.com

Below is a list of vendors and artists who have participated in Evanston Made 2017.

Adler/George Studio, 1125 Florence Ave. Showing: Beth Adler, Alice George

Alley Gallery, 1712 Rear 2 Sherman Ave. Showing: Darren Oberto, Ross Martens, Chris Greene

Ausrine's Art Room, 1123 Florence Ave., Showing: Ausrine Kerr, Noël Yovovich

Creative Coworking, 922 Davis St., Showing: Mark DeBernardi, Annette Kerstin Patko, Bonnie Katz, Kyriakina Valavanis, Ted Glasoe, Don Seeley, Ann Petrus Baker, Jerry Woods, LP Lundy, Raissa Bailey, Stephen Lloyd, Heather Hancock, Vanessa Filley, Barbara Seyfried, Jerry Alt, Melanie Deal, Chris Heisinger, Laura Allen-Simpson, Jim Parks, Bridgette Kelling (née Schnider), Michael Berns, Michelle Mallin, Brian Peterson, Larry Geni, David Bender

Cultivate Urban Rainforest, 704 Main St. Showing: Ilze Arajs, Mollie Morris, Christopher Whittington, Nancy Sickbert-Wheeler 

Curt's Cafe South, 1813 Dempster St. Showing: 

Danon Gallery, 1814 Central St. Showing: John Fleck and Anita Miller, Elisa Lindstrom, Stephen Lloyd, Fran Joy, Sarah Kaiser, Erdmut Lerner, Patricia Mejia, Bob Danon

Evanston Public Library, 1703 Orrington Ave. Showing:

Evanston Stitchworks, 906 Sherman Ave. Showing: Amy Gabbert

First Northern Credit Union 1705 Sherman Ave. Showing: Kirsten Neveu

Five & Dime, 1026 Davis St. Showing: Joey Garfield

Gallery OTR, 2040 Brown Ave. Showing: Chris Viau 

Ice House Gallery, 609 South Boulevard., Showing: , Chris Heisinger (stained glass)Diane Moseman (jewelry), Bonnie Glassner (alcohol ink), Yolanda Shebeko (abstract acrylic)Hope Salmanoff (printmaking), Jennifer Kling (mixed media), Linda Kiepke (ceramics), Claudia Bianchi (illustration and watercolor), Stephanie Toral (mixed media and illustration), Sam Wiley (mixed media), Betty Schulte (sculpture), Кate Tkachenko (painting and sculpture), Soyoung Park (painting), Charlotte Kaplan (fabric), Linda Laatsch (figurative ceramics) and Jeanne LaCasse (abstract mixed media)

La Petite Galerie Lapin, 832 Dempster St. Showing: Katherine Orr

Lumen Optical, 809 Church St., Showing: Lisa Solar

LuLu's, 1026 Davis St. Showing: Lynne Miller Jones

Melissa Matson Moves, 1128 Florence. Showing: Gail Drozd

Midwest Clay Guild, 1601 Payne St. Showing: Jennifer Chan, Jill Birschbach, Joanna Kramer, Judy Disman, Patty Kochaver, Sarah Meyer, Susan Curry

Mill Creek Miniatures, 1127 Florence Ave. Showing: Judith Lewin, Vanessa Filley, Cassandra Ott

North Shore Cider Company, 707 Howard St. Showing: Matthew LaFleur

Noyes Cultural Arts Center, 927 Noyes St. Showing: Eric Beauchamp, Sara Piepmeier, Adriana Poterash, Zafar Malik, Jennifer Presant, Juliane von Kunhardt, Sarah Kaiser-Amaral

Open Studio Project, 903 Sherman Ave. Showing: Guylaine Herzig, Kari Carlson, Jan Ellenstein, Dayna Block, Janet Beals Orejudos, Terry True, Patti Vick, Liz Bell

Perspective Photo Gallery, 1310-1/2 B Chicago Ave. Showing: Stephen Murphy, Anthony Iacuzzi

Platform, 904 Sherman Ave. Showing: Aimee Beaubien

Prairie Joe’s, 1921 Central St. Showing: Aydin Dincer

Sketchbook, 821 Chicago Ave. Showing: Ann Kogen 

Space 900, 816 Dempster St. Showing: Jill King-Wynn, Ken Avick,Colleen Conley, Clark Ellithorpe, Judith Roston Freilich, Joanna Pinsky, Peggie Robinson

Stumble & Relish, 1310 A Chicago Ave. Showing: Nice Lena, Marla Studio, Ali’s Collection, Martha Plaza, Amanda Evanston Paintings, Spark Syrup Cocktail Mixer, FEW posters & candles, Joanna Kramer Ceramics, items made in Evanston will get 10% off

The Pot Shop, 1224 Chicago Ave. Showing: Dominic Mosca

The Saw Room, 1712 Sherman Ave., Rear #2. Showing: Jennifer Present, Sarah Kaiser, Jules von Kunhardt

Taco Diable, 1026 Davis St. Showing: James Deebs

Trash & Treasures, 611 Dempster, Showing: Rick Gleeson, Annette Baksinskas